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"I want to put a dent in the universe."

Steve Jobs

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Director - Noopur Bora
Production - Medium Strong Productions

TLH is a coming of age film with dark elements, which has been selected at the prestigious NFDC film bazaar. Ria plays 'Chandrika', a hopeless romantic, who can do anything for love. Her effortless performance has been appreciated by big industry names. The film is currently on it's festival journey and will release in 2021.

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Director - Sheetal Shetty
Producer - Golden Gate Motion Pictures

In this feel good Romantic Comedy, Ria plays the lead, Meera, a young corporate worker, a newbie to workspace romance. The film was shot in Nagpur and Scotland, and will see Ria acting alongside industry stars like Bhau Kadam and Jaywant Wadkar. The film releases Theatrically in 2021. There is already a social media buzz about the film as the most anticipated Marathi film of 2021.



Director - Vikas Bahl, Rahul SenGupta
Producer - Reliance Ent, The Good Co.

Ria's edgiest character yet - a spunky, bike riding, chain smoking, rebellious teenager confused about the questions of love and attraction. Ria has worked alongside Aashish Vidyarthi, Ranvir Shorey, Sunil Grover and ofcourse the accalimed director Vikas Bahl who strongly applauds her performance. Sunflower releases on Zee5 in June 2021.


dance of a thousand steps

Director - Indrani Pal Chourdhary
Producer - Lotus Entertainment Los Angeles

Ria's first hollywood film is currently in preproduction. It will see her as a gritty New York teenager who learns bharatnatyam to connect to her Indian roots. The director Indrani is acclaimed in the international film circuit - her films winning at Tribecca, Cannes, and officially qualified at the Oscars.


"Always having been a dancer, performance and emotions have come naturally to me. Bharatnatyam has taught me Abhinaya (expression and emotion) , the stage has given me an unshatterable confidence ; and as for inhibitions, I've never had them."

Ria's first break into film has been with the coming of age Marathi feature film "Three Legged Horse", directed by Noopur Bora, which is aiming for a 2019 release. 

"I'm in love with stories, characters, their worlds and their lives. I'm also fully aware of the power of cinema : how it can change the world, and simultaneously entertain it.  Through my work in the future, I plan to do exactly that, and more."

Ria is a dedicated and passionate actor, honest and hardworking. She is currently looking for projects that will propel her talent on the world stage. 

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commercials - popular brands

In a short span of 2 years, Ria has grown to be the face of several mainstream brands and has featured in their commercials. Here are some of her ad films -

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Amazon Pay ad film
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